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 For the past 38 years, I have had the honor and opportunity to extend and prosper the business started by my Father in 1954.  Unfortunately, due to medical issues, it is necessary for me to pass the responsibilities of our service to Mr. Tieler Niedzwiecki, however I will continue to be of counsel.  My experienced staff will continue to assist with the business also.  Tieler has the personality, knowledge, research skills, enthusiasm, and professionalism to continue the value and integrity that we have built our reputation on.  His 18 years of qualified experience in this field will assure consistency in this profession. 


My life has been enriched by the wonderful people I have met and served for 38 years.  You can be assured that the quality and consistency of our service will be carried through for many years.


To schedule appointments for appraisals and/or estate sales, please continue to use all information provided on our website at:







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