Appraisal Fees

Hourly Rate $150.00
Appraisal Cancellation (48 hrs. or less) $150.00
Documentation (each page) $10.00
Travel Time (per hour) $150.00
Expert Witness, Deposition, Court Time (per hour) $150.00
Cancellation of Court Appearance (48 hrs or less) $150.00
Out of Town Lodging (when more than one day is needed- 7 hr. day) Per Cost
Photography Disc Inventory $50.00 per. disc

Legal Litigation

Appraisals provide attorneys with accurate financial information used in determining divorce settlements and insurance disputes.

Estate Planning

Equitable division of inheritance property often proves difficult. Our service appraises the value of the item and coordinates equal distribution of the estate to the heirs. In addition, an appraisal represents legal documentation of value for estate taxes.

Market Value

Knowing the accurate dollar value of your antiques and furnishings for investment or resale purposes is important. Our many years of experience in this area make it possible to provide you with extensive, up-to-date market data.

Charitable Donations

The first step you should take before donating acquisitions to charity is to have them appraised for their value. Federal tax laws dictate that in order to receive a tax credit for objects donated to charitable organizations, (museums, galleries, and libraries), you must submit detailed documentation and market values by an independent, qualified appraiser.

Insurance Coverage

Many collectibles, art objects, antiques, and furnishings are unique and impossible to replace. An appraisal serves as proof of ownership and provides a written inventory of the items in question. It describes each in detail and lists the value of each piece

When you obtain a professional appraisal, it lessens the risk of receiving an insufficient settlement by your insurance company in the event of fire or theft and speeds claim adjustments for full recovery of loss.


As time has progressed since our last advisory on the status of Larry Fill Estate Service, we have been informed by Tieler Niedzwiecki that he is not interested in moving forward with the professionalism, integrity, and business model created by Larry Fill.

We are currently on winter break, however after March 10  we will begin addressing your estate and appraisal needs.   







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