Estate Sales

We're a society on the move. When relocation or life circumstances cause your lifestyle to change, we can help make the transition easier. It is our goal to market each item to its maximum value with dignity and professionalism.

Our company is fully insured and we assure quality service. We make certain that our clients receive courteous, professional attention and the highest market value for their estate items and household goods.

Key Benefits

  • Liquidate your personal belongings
  • Receive professional attention
  • Receive the highest market value for your estate items
  • We are a fully insured company and insure quality service to every customer


Ours is a full-service approach, so nothing is overlooked from pre-sale inventory and promotions, to organizing, displaying and packaging.

Even though our estate sales attract a following of regular customers, we also advise dealers and collectors well in advance. Prior to each sale, we advertise in local newspapers and distribute flyers. On sale days, attractive street signs are placed in strategic locations to direct traffic to the correct address.


With our knowledge and experience in this business, we're experts at conducting successful sales. Our dedicated staff is efficient in displaying, organizing, and promoting our sales which include items such as: antiques, collections, fine art, general household items, furniture, cars, and boats. Each item is displayed correctly in natural surroundings to enhance its aesthetic value and promote salability.

Our sales personal give courteous service and answers any questions regarding the merchandise and its authenticity.

Fair Market Pricing

By keeping updated on current investment trends and sale results, we price each item with its fair market value. Our library of resources and reference materials help to provide pricing based on:

  • Age
  • Demand
  • Condition
  • Market Comparable
  • Location of Sale

We work with our clients to determine fair market values. This enables us to conduct successful sales on their behalf by establishing reasonable prices for each item to be sold.


As time has progressed since our last advisory on the status of Larry Fill Estate Service, we have been informed by Tieler Niedzwiecki that he is not interested in moving forward with the professionalism, integrity, and business model created by Larry Fill.

We are currently on winter break, however after March 10  we will begin addressing your estate and appraisal needs.   







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